We can provide you with a turnkey Clover™ Retail POS System
....offering a whole new world of seamless management for your business.

Clover™ Retail POS Systems

Three hardware choices. Unlimited setup options.



Running a retail store typically means you're multitasking! It also means you can't afford to let critical functions slip through the cracks. With Clover™ Retail POS Systems, that's one worry you won't have. Clover™ is a powerful business management system that works the way you need it to. More importantly, it's easy to use — for you and your customers.

There is no other retail POS system, that offers customization from over 100 apps. We offer apps for Inventory Management, Mobile Loyalty and Rewards, Shopify Website Integration, Payroll and HR, and Age Verification.  Check out the full list of apps in the Clover App Market.


Clover™ Station

Clover™ Station arrives pre-loaded with everything you need to accept payments and run your retail store more efficiently. Its' cloud-based software enables you to manage your inventory, track revenues, and generate reports – empowering you to see inside your operations and work smarter.

  • Build lasting relationships and drive repeat business with Clover™ Rewards
  • See how many new and returning customers you've had
  • Track sales and inventory
  • Learn which days are your busiest and most profitable
  • Find out how your business is performing comapred to other similar businesses

Clover™ Mini

Clover™ Mini runs on cloud-based software so you can access your business information wherever you are - from a computer, tablet or mobile phone. And, as you grow, you can do even more with business management apps from the growing App Market.

  • Accept more types of payments from magnetic strip and EMV™ Chip cards to contactless, without additional equipment or complicated software.
  • Protect your customers, business and reputation from fraud with built-in Clover™ Security.
  • Set up a mobile loyalty and rewards program with the free Clover™ Rewards Punchcard app.
  • Tap into valuable insights about your business with Clover™Insights Free.


Clover™ Mobile

Clover™ Mobile is a high-powered portable business system that goes wherever you go. Whether you're taking payments at an offsite location or busting register lines Clover Mobile helps you keep things rolling. 

  • Two software versions. Clover™ Terminal if you're just looking to accept payments or Clover™ Register if you need advanced functionality.
  • Your inventory on the Clover™ Mobile is fully synced with other Clover™ Stations and Clover™ Minis
  • Accept all payment types, including EMV™ Chip cards, PIN debit, Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay.

Clover™ Rewards

Clover™ Rewards is your customizable loyalty and marketing solution. Treat your customers and keep them coming back for more by sending special offers and messages directly to their mobile phones. Deliver the personalized deals and attention your customers crave with a solution that's easy-to-use, flexible and fun for all. Unlike other loyalty and rewards programs, Perka only rewards purchases, not visits.

  • Easy to get started.
  • Share the love and see the results.
  • Reward sales, not visits.
  • Expand your following.
  • Seamless check-ins with Perka Beacon.


Clover™ Insights

Clover™ Insights allows you to discover a whole new side to your business — one that helps you bring in new customers and try out new marketing ideas. Clover™ Insights is intuitive software that uses your own sales information to help you uncover opportunities and build your business. 

  • Identify product trends by pinpointing bestselling products by segment and see which products sell well together.
  • Gain a complete view of customer spending, including cash and gift card transactions.
  • With Clover Station, transactions can be tied to specific customers, so you know who's shopping at your store and what they purchase.


Clover™ Security

Small businesses are a prime target for cyberattacks and data thieves and most businesses never recover after a breach. Clover™ Security is a state-of-the-art security package that helps protect your store and investment from hackers and malicious malware.  It defends your system from cyberattacks, safeguards your customers' data and reduces your business' liability in the event of a breach. And, if you purchase a Clover™ Station, Clover™ Mini or Clover™ Mobile, Clover™ Security is already included.

  • Backup your sales data.
  • Protect your customers.
  • Reduce your PCI Compliance burden.
  • Minimize your liabilities.
  • Get expert guidance.

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