Managed Services & Live Monitoring

Managed services are the practice of outsourcing day-to-day Information Technology management responsibilities and functions as a strategic method for improving operations and cutting expenses.

This scalable concierge service advances the offering to the client supporting their business growth and provides a high-end resource which is unmatched by our competition.  

MainStream Technologies will initially provide a professional evaluation of your IT environment and present you with a full report, covering your network infrastructure to your endpoint and user devices.  You will be given insight on the efficiency of your current network or lack thereof, with recommended areas of improvement which match the way you do business.



Worry-Free Preventive Maintenance

We proactively ensure your systems are up to date with security updates, proper protection from viruses and malware, plus much more.  PPM has proven to decrease downtime while maximizing the efficiency and life of your systems.


Live Monitoring

Up-time is Vital for your business, but when there is an eminent failure, time is of the essence.

We will put measures into place to notify us immediately if you have a failure in any of your equipment, workflow processes, and network security…. In many cases, we will know of the failure and be in the process of working on it while contacting you - before YOU notice you have an issue!


Remote Management

Upon detection of issues, or request from your organization, we are generally working on the affected system within a matter in order to rectify the issue, either in the background - without interruption to your staff and productivity, or if necessary through an integrated remote desktop session, minimizing downtime.  This allows one technician the ability to work on multiple machines at once, further reducing costs.


Task Automation

Task Automation is the process of our technicians creating and implementing efficient scripts to perform a range of updates, maintenance tasks, patches, and diagnostic commands on multiple workstations and servers on an unattended schedule. We can also perform custom tasks in this manner for 3rd party hardware and software applications.

All management is performed from one control center and ticketing system, which streamlines technicians' work environment and speeds client service delivery.  This cuts down on associated training costs by limiting activities to the things that matter on a day-to-day basis, keeping your organization up and running.



Custom Reporting

Our control center allows us to create custom, easy to read reports which gives you a quick overview of your organizations status on security, bug patching, efficiency.  You will have the option of receiving these reports on a schedule you are comfortable with.